WIAC 2019

WIAC 2019

In April the NZFAA will be hosting the World Indoors Field Archery Competition in Wellington.

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Black Arrows team selection information now on the downloads section.



Find attached the National Team selection process prepared by the NZFAA registrar and adopted by the NZFAA Committee.


Please post document at your club and forward to respective archers wishing to attend international events and be considered for team selection.


Note archers must register interest for team selection with National Registrar up to 12 months in advance within team selection cut off date.


IFAA Rules 2017.

Be aware that there are a raft of rule changes that will come into force on January 1 2017, make sure you check the IFAA website to view the updated rule book for 2017.


IFAA Rules

The latest IFAA Rule book is available for viewing on the downloads Section.


Archer Rankings

The latest list of archer rankings as established by the 2018 is on the downloads page


WFAC 2018

Congratulations to all those that attended the WFAC 2018 in South Africa recently.


Welcome to the NZFAA website.

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